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Washington County Interfaith Prayer Walk

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A Washington Goes Purple Event

Organized and Hosted by Veritas United Church of Christ in partnership with 
Hagerstown Area Religious Coalition, Washington County Interfaith Coalition and Washington Goes Purple.
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A community prayer walk inspired by the Washington Goes Purple campaign as a unified call to pray and act to spread awareness, provide hope, and prevent addiction in our community.

An opportunity for faith communities of all faiths to come together in a united diverse front to pray and take affirmative action to help our city to rise to her potential by confronting the issues that plague our community. Specifically substance abuse and addiction since it is a Washington Goes Purple but as an opportunity to unite in prayer for all issues that plague our community such as human trafficking, racism, violence, hate, domestic abuse, child abuse, animal abuse, poverty, incarceration, mental health, and stigmatization of all kinds. Also an opportunity to pray for our leaders, education, infrastructure, children, seniors, minorities, immigrants and refugees..., --well you get the point, everything that is important to our community, that divides our community, and that hinders our community.participating as a participant or partner.

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Why Walk:

We gather to pray and to act for our community. Prayer at the very least changes the hearts and minds of those praying to be more receptive, more compassionate towards whomever or whatever they are praying for. As people of faith, we believe prayer does more than that. Prayer makes an even greater impact in number which is why it is important for all of us to be there representing each of our faiths in unison and in our own traditions. Walk to pray. Walk to show we truly care. Walk to make an impact. Walk to unite. Walk to act.

Isn't prayer to be done in private without recognition? We aren't gathering for recognition of our prayers but to let our community know that we do care about our community, about each and every person within it, and we are taking action. 


I don't live in Hagerstown, why pray for Hagerstown? While the event takes place in Hagerstown, it is a time to pray for our region, county, and county seat (Hagerstown). If you live in the region or county, Hagerstown affects your every day life in some way as the county seat.

Why interfaith? Our region is a diverse region including faith representation. With such diversity in every category of our community, it makes sense to unite as people of faith, united for our community together instead of only representing one faith or the other. Yes, we each have our own theologies and traditions, but our purpose is united. We share our community. We care for the same people, the same community. This is our opportunity to let them know in strength of number that regardless of our theologies we are placing our community's welfare above our differences, uniting together in prayer and action for the betterment of our community.

I want to do more than just pray, what action are we taking? While we don't want to negate the power of prayer, we recognize that prayer doesn't always bring immediate results or often the result we desire at all causing many to get frustrated with prayer. We get that. Prayer is powerful, don't ever forget that, but each of our own desires and wishes can't always be fulfilled through them. For those who have been asking what else are we doing besides just praying more or while walking and in public, there are action opportunities available in addition to our combined prayers. (See Call to Action section below)

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If we as communities of faith can't unite together in prayer for our community in which we live, work and do business, how can we expect our states, nation, and world to unite together in their diversities?



Check-in between 8:15 and 9am to get your route assignment and general information.

*Groups will be assigned at check-in and all efforts to accommodate one's preferred group will be made in conjunction with also keeping the group numbers balanced out so please be flexible.


Opening worship inclusive of all faiths will begin at 9am for approximately a half-hour. 


Upon closing of the opening worship, participants will gather in their respective groups to step-off, covering Hagerstown in prayer with a group for each point of the city: North, South, East, and West. A  fifth group will remain at the plaza for those who can't or desire not to walk which will "cover" our county and region in prayer. Each of the walking routes are approximately 1.5 miles in length.


Upon all 4 of the walking routes returning to the plaza park, approximately 1 hour after step-off, we will close in unified worship.

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Calls To Action:

Before The Prayer Walk

  • Spread the Word: Share the link to this webpage: Share the flyer download below. Share with your faith community, share with your social networks in-person and virtually. Share, share, share. Let's get the word out!​

  • Make A Donation: Challenge your faith community, your family, friends, peers, and yourself to raise funds for the Washington Goes Purple campaign. Donate online or collect funds and bring a check to the event payable to Washington Goes Purple. All donations received will go to WGP with no processing or transaction fees deducted. 

  • Shop the Purple Faith Shop: Apparel, Mugs, and Totes to show that our faith communities support Washington Goes Purple, recovery, and those affected by it. All proceeds go to Washington Goes Purple, a 501(c)(3) charity.

  • Make A Washington Goes Purple Support Video from your faith community. Coordinate with Washington Goes Purple campaign. For more info, go to

  • Prepare Yourself: Pray in preparation, learn about addiction and substance abuse.

Prayer Walk Day

  • Attend: Show the community people of faith care by uniting together in number and unity, setting an example of diverse people working and living together. If faith communities can’t unite together for their community, how can we expect our nation and world to do so?

  • Unite In Prayer: Prayer sets your spirit, changes your mentality, and connects you to not only the Creator but to that for which you are praying.

  • Walk in Love & Unity As One: Our theologies may differ, but we are one in spirit, one in community, and neighbors. As faith communities we must show love, compassion, and unity. How can we teach it, if we don't actually do it?

  • Be A Beacon of Hope! United together in prayer, support, and awareness displaying hope for our community. For the addict, the battered, the homeless. For our children, youth, adults, and seniors. For the minorities, immigrants, and refugees. For our families, neighbors, and strangers. For.... 

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